About us

VEZIRI is a telecommunication and security system integrator company. Since our establishment in 1996, we do our best to deliver all of the existing global achievements in our field to organizations across the Transcaucasian region. We generally specialize in telecommunication, IT, security, SCADA and telemetry and are proud to say we have completed over 200 projects for more than a hundred customers.

Continuous progress is engrained in our DNA and many years of upholding international standards have only strengthened our conviction that quality service and development go hand in hand. VEZIRI operates in compliance with international standards for Quality Management Systems (ISO 9001:2015) and has held an ISO 9001 quality management certification in telecommunication, telemetric, automation and security system design, installation, commission, after-sales service and private security provision since 2008.

Why choose us?

We consider premium quality system solutions we offer to be one of our greatest advantages. In place of a conventional system implementation, we offer you clever and unique customer-oriented solutions. Our success stems from our innovative and bold vision, our goal – to become a local market leader, instill high-quality standards, facilitate connection using the latest communication systems, increase security quality and safety.

We are working to ensure that businesses and government entities in the region benefit from global achievements within the field. Moreover, we expect them not to settle for existing progress and actively seek out brand-new, at times even unrealistic ideas and with our help, achieve greater results and make their daily routine and work process even more practical, flexible and secure.