The Perimeter, Border And Linear Infrastructure Security Systems protect the site by using special sensors, cables and radars which provide real-time threat detection and localization with extreme accuracy. The system not only sets off the alarm but also performs classification of various activities, manual or mechanical excavation, is equipped with motion detection for people, transport or aircrafts as well as firearms. The system implementation meets all of the EN requirements.

Unlike the standard underground sensors, this system uses smart algorithms, reducing false alarms, even those triggered by weather changes, detecting intrusion location in seconds and sending out digital notifications using GPS coordinates. The system is invisible to potential intruders, enhancing its effectiveness. Sensor cables and radars work incessantly and can be integrated with other systems and sensors.

The system’s laser sensors can provide security for the total perimeter of 150-200 meters and cover even larger areas by using several sensors, indoor and outdoor motion detection and PTZ camera for additional security.

Linear infrastructure security system includes a sensor cable buried along the pipeline to detect and prevent nearby motion and oil spill. Underground sensor cable is better protected and less prone to damage.

By integrating alert generating systems with CCTV or drones, our team automatically performs coordinate visualization which improves security quality.


Optasense, Bandweaver, Blighter, Flir, HGH Systemes.